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GPS Surveying

Accurate GPS Surveys

Through the utilisation of CAD and GPS we are able to ensure that each irrigation system is precisely laid out. This is especially beneficial on large site. Not only is…

Irrigation Design

Design, specification & planning

The dictionary describes irrigation as the artificial application of water to the land or soil. It is used to assist in the growing and maintenance of landscapes during…

Project Feasibility

Feasibility studies and budgeting

At the onset of any irrigation project, regardless of size, pre-planning and upfront site analysis is good practice. It can only add to the success of the project if the…

Health Checks

Health checks of existing systems

When your irrigation system is no longer working as you want it to or where your requirements have outgrown what your system can deliver. For peace of…

Project Management & Supervision

Total project management and supervision

At Irrigation Engineers Ltd we have a lot of onsite experience. Our experience tells us that the life of the irrigation system is determined by…

Tender & Contract Documentation

Tender acquisition documents and contracts

As impartial irrigation consultants we are able to guide the client through the process of reviewing and selecting a suitable contractor for the job…

Water Resource Management

Water resourcing and management services

Part of a good irrigation design is to look at the water source and consider how this resource can be recycled and reused as opposed to taking it…

Reservoir & Lake Design

Ensuring sufficient water to supply your irrigation system

Often water is more readily available when demand is low, so capturing and storing this water makes sense. Irrigation engineers Ltd will…

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