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Irrigation Engineers Ltd are independent irrigation consultants led by John Roy. We have a strong track record of working successfully on projects throughout Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.


Water Resource Management

As independent irrigation consultants we are increasingly aware of how water is a vital and diminishing resource. The preservation and efficient utilisation of water is one of the most pressing needs of our generation. As conscientious irrigation consultants, our commitment is to the preservation of water which will be evident in our designs. We always endeavour to implement the very latest in water saving technologies and practices when designing a system. Through our experience of working in some of the toughest climatic regions around the world, we are able to utilise this experience to best provide solutions for a wide variety of irrigation challenges and applications.


Our Approach

We tackle every project with a scientific and methodical approach. This results in an intelligent water resource management process. The conservation of water is an integral part of the design, construction and long term management of each of our projects. Through our holistic approach to design and varied project experience, we are able to bring this professional focus, planning and problem solving methodology to every project, regardless of its size or location. We believe that designing and operating efficient irrigation systems involves


tick Understanding the parameters and limitations of the site.

tick Apply irrigation related products to achieve their maximum benefit.

tick Understanding the plant-soil-water relationship and how to implement proper irrigation scheduling to maintain available water to plants without over watering.

Meet The Team

irrigation consultant, independent, irrigation, consultant John Roy

I remember the first time I saw a new irrigation system operating. My boss at the time stood there with a grin on his face and said ‘I love this part’. I instantly understood what he meant. It was the smell of water cooling the earth in the hot African sun, the sound of the hissing sprinklers – and the sheer joy of seeing your design come to life.

Throughout my career I have had the opportunity to design, build and project manage irrigation systems of widely varying scale and complexity, throughout Africa, the Middle East, Indian Ocean Islands, India, Europe and the UK. Throughout, my main focus has been on the challenge of water resource management: how to use less water through innovation and intelligent irrigation design.

independen, irrigation consultants, irrigation, consultantJacqueline Roy

I have always been a person who enjoys being outdoors and at one with nature. So it wasn’t surprising that in my first job I became a horticulturist growing aquatic plants. It was my ‘dream job’. From wildflower meadows, to reed beds in attenuation ponds, to wetland and river bank stabilisation, I loved the variety and scope of my work.

From this background it was an easy transition to irrigation and water resource management. I now
have the opportunity to implement my experience from the past ten years, and apply it to the use of
reed bed technology and phytoremediation to clean water to a suitable quality for reuse.


GR Profile PicGeorge Rose

At the age of eight years old I decided to take an active interest in the environment. Growing up in Suffolk I was a proud member of the RSPB and enjoyed making regular visits to the reserve at Minsmere, which featured vital wetland habitat that had been carefully restored and maintained. Even back then I was very aware of the importance of conservation and the delicate balance between man and nature.

Today I am a civil engineer with 20 years of experience in the field of water and wastewater engineering and infrastructure maintenance. Working in both the UK and in Sub-Saharan Africa, I have led the design, build, installation and refurbishment of a number of industrial water and wastewater treatment plants. It’s an absolute privilege to be designing engineered wetlands for wastewater treatment and surface water management, utilising the natural processes of phytoremediation and improving biodiversity at the same time.


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