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Irrigation consultancy

Irrigation consultancy

The importance of planning

We believe that every project, regardless of size, benefits from pre-planning and upfront site analysis. It is at this stage that we consult with the project owner and design team to review project requirements, water conservation goals, water use strategies and budgetary milestones. All of this information is correlated into a report which consists of:

  • Master plans,
  • An alternative water source feasibility study,
  • Water use budgets,
  • An engineer’s report,
  • A system description and a full cost analysis.


It is at this vital planning stage when the incoming water and electrical supply are finalised and installed as per site requirements, omitting any costly guess work. Plant room and water storage requirements are also addressed at this stage, ensuring planning and coordination with other services on site, and preventing any potential clashes later in the project.

As experienced irrigation consultants we approach every project with a scientific and methodical approach resulting in an intelligent water resource management process. The conservation and reuse of water is an integral part of the distribution, construction and long term management of each of our projects.

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