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Project Management

Total Project Management

means going the extra mile to ensure top quality results. It requires an in-depth understanding of the plant-soil-water relationship, plant physiology and the site environment.

Our varied project management experience means that we have worked on just about every type of project you could imagine. We will help you complete your project in an organised and methodical manner regardless of its size or location. We will carry out the following tasks


tick Check the contractors shop drawings and material proposals

tick Monitor and inspect the installation process on site

tick Witness the pressure testing of the mainline

tick Review payment applications

    Witness the commissioning of the irrigation network, pump room and irrigation controller

tick   Sign the system off as completed and working

tick   Monitor the operation of the system during the defects period



During the construction administrative process we work closely with the contractor and clients’ representative on site to ensure the design intent becomes a reality. This service is aimed at ensuring the owners’ investment is protected and that the irrigation system is built right first time. The aim of our quality assurance process is to instill confidence in the stakeholders that their investment will maintain its value long after the contractor’s warranty period has passed.

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