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Engineered Wetlands

 Flood Mitigation, Wastewater Treatment and SuDS

Irrigation Engineers Ltd design constructed wetlands that are engineered to perform specific functions including flood mitigation, wastewater treatment, diffuse pollution control and surface water disposal. Public bodies like the Environment Agency, Natural England and the numerous Lead Local Flood Authorities (LLFA’s) are requesting proof that wetlands have been properly designed and engineered to treat the water or effluent being received. We outline the expected performance of the wetland with reference to a recognised design code and available, credible evidence.

Remote Monitoring

Water Quality, Flow, Water Level and Analysis Reports

Irrigation Engineers Ltd can set up remote monitoring stations to provide information such as water quality data in real time, which can be monitored and stored remotely via GPRS/3G connection. Real time monitoring gives peace of mind that any potential breach of legislation can be highlighted and remedied in good time, before an incident. We can store, analyse and interpret the data to explain exactly what it means for your activities and the wider environment.


Water Pollution Risk Assessment and Mitigation

The rules and legislation surrounding farming activities and environmental pollution are pretty complex, and technical advice is limited. Irrigation Engineers Ltd can identify current water pollution risks on your farm and provide specific and practical advice on how to mitigate these risks to bring the site into compliance with current rules and regulations. Furthermore, we will scope the potential for sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) and constructed wetlands to provide ecosystem services on your site.

Wastewater Services

Consultation, Design and Project Management for Wastewater

We consult on new or existing treatment plant requirements, whether it be for domestic sewage, municipal wastewater or industrial effluent. Our service covers outline and detailed design, project management and commissioning. Our capabilities include civil and MEICA design and specification and we work with process chemists and environmental scientists to offer a total design solution.

Consent & Permits

Trade Effluent Disposal and Discharge to Environment

Irrigation Engineers Ltd can help you to check whether you need an environmental permit or trade effluent consent, and we can make the application on your behalf. We can also help you ensure that you are not overpaying for your wastewater disposal costs by carrying out an audit and analysing samples of your wastewater.

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